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UPDATED 7-22-10         
     Whats's up people? Here is a fresh update of my homegirl Shake sucking me off. Well i know that you guy's have seen her around , but i never get tired of her sucking my dick lol. Well, i shoot this scene months ago, it was early in the morning and i had a massive hard on, so i called Shake up and told her i needed a release. Less then 10 minutes later she was over at my spot on her knees doing her job.
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    Ok, here we go. Back this week with my homegirl Luck Staxxx. She called me up one night and was horny as fuck lol. I wasn't in the mood to fuck, believe it or not, sometime i would rather a nice blow job. So i told her i would let her suck me off, and i asked if i could film it? She was down. So i jumped in a cab and shot to The Bronx. This bitch lives in a real nice building, with a door man and all. Real classy joint. Soon as i stepped in her apartment, she let me set the camera up, and went to work. I love how she sucks my dick, real nice and nasty, and she has some real huge tits lol. Listen, fuck the small talk, get in and view Lucky Staxxx do her thing. JOIN  NOW
D What's good family? Back this week with a oldie but goodie. You can say this has been throw back month, fuck it, as long as ya'll see some real amateur jaw jacking, i'am sure ya'll dont mind.

   Well, back for another mouth full of cum is my homegirl Adina. Not much needs to be said about Adina, just watch her do her thing. Join Now
   Well, this week I have a new Jaw Jacker for ya'll named Ug Mug. I met Ug Mug a few weeks ago on line, she was looking to make a quick buck, and since I needed a fresh face for the site, I said fuck it, let me give her a shot. Well to my suprise , Ug Mug had a good Jaw game. Real sloppy wet old school blow job lol..

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   Listen, before you say anything, i know you have seem MS. E before, but never like this! On the day of this Shoot, she was possessed. This bitch went in on Kobes dick, one of the best jaw jacking scenes I have ever filmed , hands down.

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   Back this week with a new jaw jacker, up this week we got 19 year old homeless freak Tasty "The Red Nose Jaw jacker". I met Tasty through my man Rod who hooks me up with chicks from time to time. He always finds me some new talent. Well, it's not hard to see that Tasty has a hrad life, but that aint my problem lol.  All i wanted was some new content for my site, so I told her to come to the spot and do a blow job scene. When the bitch gets to the spot, she couldn't stop talking! She told me her whole life story before I even turned the damn camera on. Finally I told her to shut the fuck up and lets get to this scene.
   Well, Tasty had some decent jawjacking skills, I cant even lie about that, and to me thats all that matters. Join Now
   Hell yeah, she is back, but she's only sucking and swallowing nut in this scene. If you dont know, this is Rihana Starr, I featured her on urbanamateurs.net getting fucked for the first time on film. Well, we did this scene a few days ago, she needed some money, I needed my dick sucked, so it all worked out for the best lol.  WATCH CLIP
   As you can see in the pic above, Rihana has a super fat ass, and she's only 19 , god damn i love this porn game. I get to fuck some good looking ghetto booty girls, and get paid for it. Oh how sweet it is to be me lol. Well, if you want to see Rihana suck and swallow, then join today, and if you want to see her get that fat ass fucked, then join both sites today for just $15.50.
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   Did ya miss me ? Lol, yeah, pardon the brief delay, had some other business to attend to, but here's a fresh new update of a fresh new face. This weeks jaw jacker is my new freak Fancy. 18 year old Staten Island freak, who I found on line .

  We chatted for a second and I found out that Fancy had a thing for sucking  dick and tasting cum!!!! Wow, i asked her to do a little jawjacking scene for me, and she was down. I won't describe the scene, fuck that, ya'll got to join up and see how i get these freaks to suck on the fat mans dick lol.
   Hell yeah, back this week with a new jaw jacking freak named Trina. This 20 something year old jaw jacker is from The Bronx. I met her up on craigs list, she replied to one of my ads and it was n from there.  I really dont remember much about Trina, besides you use to sukthe fact that her attitude was real fucked up, but all in all, her jaw jacking skills were on point.
   WATCH CLIP.....I can tell by the way Trina sucked my dick, that she use to give niggas that good project , stair case , hallway knob job lol. I also have some real good pics of her in the members area. Listen, before you scroll away from the page, or whatever, make sure you check this shit right here....lol.
   Ok, my fault for  the late update, but shit, ya'll shouldn't be that mad, because ya'll also have access to nastynyamateurs.com lol. Anyway here is an update of a jawjacker "Hall Of Famer" , Ms. Moca.

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